Hi there. Welcome to my blog. This site is for people that are not very savvy with Apple computers. If you consider yourself an expert or an advanced user with a Mac then maybe you will want to stop reading this site. I’m not saying that you need to leave, it would be awesome if you want to keep reading. Who knows maybe you will find something you like. For everyone else, if your new to the Mac (I assume most of you are) welcome. I think you will find that owning a Macintosh will be a uniquely rewarding experience and will be quite hassle free. If your a more experienced Mac user, welcome. I hope its been grand times owning a Mac. This blog will hopefully help all of you to learn more features of a Macintosh, but not in a Mac for Dummies kind of way. I am not aiming to make this a textbook. I will try to make this site a visually appealing experience as well as very informative, without giving anyone a headache. Feel free to look around and explore, hopefully you will find what you seek. Please post comments and send emails to me and your fellow readers. You may end up getting some questions answered that other people needed answered too. So again, Welcome to the blog!


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